Friday, September 16, 2011

Jade Is Not My Name vs. I Sea You!

As you might know already Catrice came out with new nail polishes and of course I had to have those. Old polishes had to make room for the new ones and got discontinued, including I Sea You. But lucky enough I had that one already.

At work I was changing the whole Catrice display (I love to be around it ;p) my eye caught this new color that didn't look that much like I Sea You, but came close enough to be a fresher version of the color.

On the left: I Sea You!
On the right: Jade Is Not My Name
 Next to each other they look pretty different. I Sea You is more green and Jade Is Not My Name is more blue. Since I kinda swatched I Sea You! once already (even though that was just one 1 one nail, but who cares? xD) I'll just swatch Jade Is Not My Name.

Ain't it pretty?! :D Now check out this last picture. Do you see a big difference? I don't. You won't even see the difference in real life at all! So bottom line: I didn't need to buy Jade Is Not My Name. However, I love the name so much it's just worth it to be in it! :P

Pointer: Jade Is Not My Name
Middle: I Sea You!
Ring: Jade Is Not My Name
Pinky: I Sea You!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Ingie