Friday, November 4, 2011

Fail Art Friday!

Hahah! Nail art is not my best thing and now that I lost my scraper a few days ago I decided to try something with striping tape again. The idea for this one randomly popped up in my head during my lunch break at work 2 weeks ago, but instead of white I had grey in mind. White seemed to go better with it.

I really thought it would work out, but I was wrong :P I had the tape too long or too tight on my nails, so it pulled the other nail polish and it just turned out to be a disaster! Because it's Friday and this nail art turned into a fail, Fail Art Friday would be a nice name for this xD Maybe it will turn back weekly... :)

Enjoy the fail!

I just noticed how free-handed this looks :P

xoxo Ingie