Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 7 - Black & White Nails

Yes, I skipped day 6 :P I'll just go straight to day 7, black & white nails!

An accent nail! I like... But not when it's black and white, because the contrast is so big! Since I found this a little bit too boring I decided to use my newest Konad image plate, the m60 :)

That's a little better! I think I would wear this out when I painted all my nails black and stamp with a white polish on that ring finger.

Since I didn't had the chance to show you the Golden Rose Scale Effect #9 polish I thought this would be the time. I tried it a few times on a pink nail polish, but it was hard to capture with my camera. On black it just looks amazing! I can't wait to buy more of these!

And another angle... In the first picture with this nice flakie you see more like orange, red and green. In this second one you see more yellow. I love it!

Thanks for reading,

xoxo Ingie