Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 9 - Rainbow Nails

My days fly by! :P Skipping day 6, go to day 7, skipping day 8 and go to day 9 in one day! I don't even know if that is a right sentence, but whatever xD I'm excited about this one!

Rainbow nails! This color combination is something that I've used since kindergarten. Well, it actually started when we had to make a stupid decoration that we could connect easily and to make it all nice and neat we had to do red, yellow, green and blue. I changed that later into pink, orange, yellow, green and blue.

I should've made pictures from the beginning, so you could see what it looked like, but I think you get the idea. I just did it really simple; paint my nails pink and from there painting another color higher on my nail. The next day, yes THE NEXT, I applied 5 thin strips of striping tape all over every nail and painted it black. That was more of a drama than I expected it to be.... :P

Later I pulled the tape off and it wasn't really that nice looking, but nice enough that people around me wouldn't see the mess I made xD
At night my nails actually started to look dull, even though I applied a top coat. But my top coat is halfway in the bottle so it's hard to get out of it, so that actually ruins my manicures easily too.

And these three pictures are just for the like :P I like the first 2 of these 3 :)

xoxo Ingie