Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 5 - Blue nails

We're on day 5 of this so far lovely challenge! After the bit of a failing post of yesterday with just one boring ugly picture, I have 5 for you now! :) (oh and I just found out my camera doesn't always focus on my nails, but the bottles I hold...)

For day 5 I'm showing you some blue nails :P This is Essence's Choose Me! and I think this is one that's been out there for a while. Let me tell you; this polish is gorgeous! When I look at the bottle I see like blue and kind of green and lots of glitters! Besides blue and green glitters it also has silver which I think adds a little something more to this polish.

I applied two coats of polish which in real life looks opaque, but for longer nails you definitely need 3 or maybe even 4 coats!

Later I applied Essence Blue Addicted over it; a very jelly polish. It's a very sheer blue polish and I think Choose Me! is a very nice base color to combine it with.

As you can see it has chunky blue and green glitters. I knew there were green glitters in it, but I don't like this kind of green... So I don't really like this polish to be honest.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Ingie