Wednesday, September 7, 2011

China Glaze - For Audrey + Comparison

Hello! I was planning to show this pretty color on day 5 of the challenge, but since I'm planning on buying a lot of new polishes tomorrow I figured I could just show you now! :)

I think almost everybody has this nail polish. When I ordered this one instead of the next day this came about 2/2,5 weeks later. But I knew it would come later anyway :P I wanted to have this one, because I wanted something close to Tiffany's blue. I still don't really know if this is close to it, but I do know it's a gorgeous color!
Since I own a few blue polishes that I though came close to For Audrey I decided to compare them. The result:

Nothing close to each other at all! Mint Cream is from ELF and actually the first blue/green I actually wore. I got lots of compliments on it and that made me decide I can wear blue nails :)
Am I Blue Or Green is from Catrice. It looks almost white on the picture, but compared to these two it's a very pale blue. Am I Blue Or Green is actually hard to get on your nails. I've heard more complaints about that, so it's not just me.

Since I said at the beginning of this post; I'm planning on actually get out of the house to buy new nail polishes and I know there are some gorgeous ones from Catrice and Essence, so look out for that!

For now,

xoxo Ingie