Tuesday, September 20, 2011

China Glaze - Something Sweet


If you read my last post from yesterday you know I had 'picture day' at work today :P It was so awkward! I just had to let you know!

Anyways... Today just a random swatch from an old China Glaze collection. I don't own a lot of China Glaze's, only 5, but I just love this one (too)! It's Something Sweet from the Up & Away collection.

Something sweet it is! This lovely color! It's a pale pink color with a hint of lilac I guess. Never thought I would like that, but I do! I absolutely love it. Hopefully I still feel appropriate wearing this in fall and winter :P

Today I wanted to order nail polishes again, but I've managed to keep myself back. First of all because it's just so much money and sometimes I just feel bad buying so many xD But I shouldn't! So I still want to order ASAP, but I'm trying to wait until next week!

Btw, I think I get to know my camera a little better :P

xoxo Ingie