Thursday, September 29, 2011

China Glaze - Urban-Night ft. Carnival Lights

First; Thank you all so much for following me! :) I've reached 20 followers today which motivates me more and more to keep doing this. I've even been thinking about a give away... So I've decided I'll do one when I reach 50 followers :)

On to the post! :)

I'm making myself crazy these days! A few days ago I posted about China Glaze's Crimson, deleted it later, mentioned in another post I said it was Crimson while it was Urban-Night to figure out a few minutes ago I DID post Crimson :P So I'll post that one tomorrow I guess.

So here is Urban-Night! A nice deep purple color. It seemed very pigmented, but it actually wasn't.. In the pictures I'm wearing 2 coats, but I obviously needed 3 :P It's not that much of an interesting color, but I don't have a lot of purple polishes so that's why I do like it.

I also bought Carnival Lights, swatched it, but that was a fail. Like I forgot I applied nail polish and just lived 'normal'. You can not live normal when you just applied nail polish a second ago :P So that's why I decided to see what it looks like over another polish. I like it! It made Urban-Night a little less boring xD

Carnival Lights could be worn on it's own and will be opaque in 4/5 coats. That's probably the reason why my swatch failed. This polish also doesn't dry fast and is pretty sticky when it's drying, so I don't think I'll ever wear this on it's own.

A blurry picture, so you can see the pretty rainbow sparkles :)

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Ingie