Monday, September 19, 2011

Diamond Cosmetics - Gold Foil

Hello lovely people! :)

Today's swatch is a fun color to me. It's gold! I think this is my first and actually only gold nail polish that I own, so this sentence doesn't really make sense I guess. Just blame the fact that it's past midnight... (usually I start living at that time :P)

This is a nail polish from Diamond Cosmetics and let me tell you it's great! The brush reminds me of China Glaze, which I really had to get used to when I got my first CG, but to me it just painted a little bit more smoother than CG.

Gold Foil is a metallic gorgeous gold color. For these pictures I used 2 coats to get it opaque, but you might even get away with just one. You know how some polishes are very pigmented, but you still need 2 or 3 coats to make it opaque? This is one of them.

The formula is kinda thin, but great to work with! It's not flowing away like water :P In the picture below you can see the micro glitters just sitting there being pretty.. Love it!

And lastly I decided to put the silver Essence crackle polish over it, since I hadn't show you yet. This one crackles so much different than the white one I showed once. I like this one way better!

In the Netherlands you can get Diamond Cosmetics at In America you can order them online at for only $ 2,50! I believe they only ship in America, so that sucks for the rest... :(

And lastly I wanted to thank Steph from imperfectlypainted for sharing one of my posts in her recent post :)

Thanks for reading,

xoxo Ingie