Sunday, September 4, 2011

Color Club - Love 'Em Leave 'Em

Another polish striped off of my wishlist! This time it's Love 'Em/Leave 'Em. I remember seeing this a while ago while going through someone's blog. I wanted to order it immediately. But my favorite web shop didn't sell this one... A few days later I was checking the shop again and it was there! I didn't order it then, because my bank account didn't let me :P But last week I ordered it and I'm so happy with it!

Love 'Em/Leave 'Em is an almost nude, but really holographic nail polish. It's a great polish for work if you're not aloud to wear really OUT THERE colors.

I can seriously not keep my eyes off of it. I like it now, but I think it might grow even more on me when the fall and winter are here.

Oh hey there, holo! :D

I recommend this polish to everybody! It's just so gorgeous... :)

xoxo Ingie