Thursday, December 1, 2011

Draggy Magic Crackle

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I've been wearing this manicure since Tuesday night. And I'm wearing it until at least tomorrow night :P Not because it's that special, but because I'm too tired to actually change it. Last night when I wanted to go to bed my younger brother had an accident with his bike and I had to take him to the hospital, in another city, on my scooter, in the freezing cold weather! We got lost and I drove around for almost 2 hours! He didn't break anything, but probably has to go back tomorrow because it still hurts.

(For some reason I like to share that with those who read :P)

Anyhow, I know most people aren't into the crackle anymore, but in my country and definitely my city a lot of people want to know where to get these crackle polishes :P

This is a Miss Sporty crackle and it also comes in blue (you can win them in my giveaway). I first put it on a nail wheel over polishes that were on there and the crackle looked really nice. I even put on a second coat of crackle which made it look even nicer! So I finally know that it's best to let your nail polish dry completely and THEN apply a crackle polish.

If you're actually reading this post and wonder what colors I used, here a short list:
Base color: Color Club - What A Drag
Glitter: Color Club - Magic Attraction

Crackle: Miss Sporty

Thanks for reading! This weekend I'm going to try to finally read everyones posts again and leave comments :)

xoxo Ingie