Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pink Stripes [100th post!]

95 days, 99 posts, ±230 comments and 245 followers later I present to you... my 100th post!

It was easier to get to 100 posts than I expected and those days fly by! When I hit 25 followers I was so happy! To thank everybody I had a giveaway, not thinking so many people would start following me!

I wanted this post to be more than just a simple swatch for the Untrieds month, so here I have something I did with the color I wore today. You will find out what color pink this is later tonight in my Untrieds post.

I don't have anything on my middle finger because the nail broke a few days ago and it would look weird next to the others :P But it's nice as an accent nail. My thumb is just pink too :)

I'm going for the next 100 posts! Keep me motivated with comments, because I love comments! :)

Anyone else watching the EMA's right now? It's still the red carpet show, but when the main show comes on I'll be switching back and forth between the EMA's and another show :P

xoxo Ingie