Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dupe Or No Dupe? Punk Purple vs. Wrapped Around My Finger

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Another "Dupe Or No Dupe?"! :) I bought this Catrice polish at work last week and it actually never really stood out for me. I guess because the color is pinkish and I thought this was another polish I already had. Last week I was in the need to buy a polish at work again and since I own most Catrice polishes I just picked this one :P

E.L.F. - Punk Purple and Catrice - Wrapped Around My Finger

On the picture these 2 don't really look the same, but in real life they do. The colors aren't really color accurate either, but I bet you can find swatches online. I've used Punk Purple in my Punk Princess Nails post before.

You can see the difference between them. Punk Purple is a bit more purple and Wrapped Around My Finger is more pink. That's what you'll see in real life as well. If you own one of these you don't need the other polish, because nobody would notice it's another polish.

Thanks for reading! :)

xoxo Ingie