Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Punk Princess Nails

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I've always wanted to show/wear Essence's Time For Romance, but couldn't really find a base color for it. I thought to myself; I need a pinkish, purple polish, do I have that? Because I like to answer my own question, I answered 'no', until my eye fell on an ELF polish.

As my base color I'm wearing ELF's Punk Purple. On top of that I applied 2 coats of Time For Romance. For the stamp I used Konad image plate m79.

I also wanted to show you that Time For Romance seems to have a little bit of a holographic glitter in which you can even see in real life. So another plus for that. This polish is cute and it knows it! :P

Do you have Time For Romance and on what color/polish would you layer it on?