Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wham! Pow! Warhol is Almost Famous!

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Well, hello there!

Now that my nail polishes are finally hanging on the wall, it's a little easier to find polishes I want to use for a little nail art.

The title pretty much gives away what polishes I used for this. I started with a white base color from Catrice, Snow Motion. I only wanted neon pink tips, so used Color Club's Warhol for that. I decided I'd like some orange with it and used Wham! Pow! for that. I wanted to see if you could stamp with Almost Famous and I find that it worked. It didn't really keep it's own color, but it does fit nice if you ask me :P I used image plate m65 for the stamp.

Of course the topcoat made it all streak again, while I waited for a really long time to apply it. I used O.P.I. topcoat that the sweet Nory got me :)

I think I might have found the setting on my camera where it shows a bit more color, perfect for neons. This isn't really color accurate, but it's way better than the washed out colors.

xoxo Ingie