Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gradient Nails - Pink to Black

A new month, so time for me to do new things. My nail polish collection grew a lot in September, which I will show later today or tomorrow :)

But today I wanted to show you some gradient nails. I love gradient nails! It's easy and everybody can do it!

As my base color I used China Glaze's Ahoy! followed by China Glaze - City Siren, China Glaze - Urban-Night, China Glaze - Crimson and last but not least Color Club - Black.

Sometimes things just look better when they're blurred :P

So since Halloween is coming up, not really celebrated in my country, I decided to stamp skulls on my nails. I love the one with the little bow :P But the one with the crown looks nice too xD

And this last picture is some horror... I never really mind my nails breaking, but I do hate when it happens so far in, because I have to walk around for nails with that and I get stuck on everything!

Thanks for reading again!

xoxo Ingie