Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catrice - Let's Mauve On (Old & New version)

I tried to get this post up before midnight, my time, but it didn't work... :( The past few days have been so hectic and really hot! Summer decided to show it's face again.

Anyhow.. Since September Catrice has new nail polishes and discontinued some. But they confuse me sometimes. Same colors get a new name, but new colors get a name that already existed in the collection while they don't even look like the old one. One of them is Let's Mauve On.

The old version, shown on my index and ring finger is a light purple color going toward pink. A lovely color and nice to apply. It has a little shimmer in it. I think in these pictures I'm wearing 2 coats, but a 3rd one was needed.

The new version is completely different. The color is kind of foil or metallic looking. I don't really know the difference :P But this one was opaque in just one coat, so might be really good for stamping!

Thanks for reading :)

xoxo Ingie