Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nubar - Jewel

Today's swatch is of my first Nubar polish, Jewel. A Jewel it is!

I am going to try my best to describe this one :P Jewel is brown metallic-ish based and has a different kind of holo than others; small holo glitters with chunky pieces in it.

Here you can see it really well!

And here you can see the texture of it. To me it's kind of sandy or something. I don't think I have a polish like that (or never wore it yet) but I did like it. It's different to me.

In the pictures I wore 3 coats, but the next day I wore it all day and needed 2 coats. I went to the zoo with these nails and the only thing I used my hands for was taking pictures. After a few hours in the zoo they were already chipping off really badly! So yeah, I didn't really like that.

xoxo Ingie