Sunday, October 23, 2011

ELF Nail Polish review [PictureSpam!]

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So here is my review on the ELF nail polishes I bought last week. I ordered them on and the polishes were € 1,00 per bottle.

We're starting with this first polish with the original name Light Pink. This polish was pretty thick. It didn't feel annoying on the brush and while applying, but it's not easy. It takes a really long time to dry, because you need 3 coats for opacity.

Light Pink: 3 coats

This is Gum Pink. It's thinner than Light Pink. 1 coat will be okay if you have short nails, but 2 for longer nails. Because it's thinner and you need less coats it dries faster than Light Pink.

Gum Pink: 2 coats

This is Light Red. The formula isn't too thick or too thin, but pretty much perfect. For this polish you also need 1 coat with short nails and 2 for longer nails. You can obviously see I'm only wearing 1 coat :P

Light Red: 1 coat

This is Plum. This one is the thinnest so far. It's a pretty pigmented polish, but whether you have long or short nails; you will need 2 coats, because of bald spots. On the picture it looks more brown than it actually is.

Plum: 2 coats

This is Black (oh really). Nice formula, but the brush had a few hairs sticking out at the bottom of the brush which would leave nail polish on my cuticle. Just like Plum it needs 2 coats, because of bald spots.

Black: 2 coats

This is Dark Navy. I wanted it so bad after seeing it on rebeccalikesnails. It's a bit of a thicker polish, but not annoyingly thick. 1 coat is enough. The brush was being annoying. In real life it looks almost black and the dark blue micro glitter is hardly noticeable in real life. It doesn't dry shiny.

Dark Navy: 1 coat

This is Fuchsia. Nice color, nice formula, nice application. Nothing bad to say about it. 1 coat is enough for short nails, 2 coats for longer nails.

Fuchsia: 2 coats

Punk Purple. Looks a bit like Fuchsia, but is darker and more purple. Everybody, with short or long nails, can get away with 1 coat, but 2 coats is better.

Punk Purple: 2 coats

This is Lilac and has pretty much the exact same formula as the first polish Light Pink. It makes me feel like they're actually kind of jelly polishes. 2-3 coats will do the job. Lilac is in real life lighter and more of a pastel color.

Lilac: 2 coats

This is Desert Haze. Nice formula, and pretty pigmented. You need 2 coats to cover bald spots. I think this is a gorgeous nude color if you have lighter skin than me. It won't stop me from wearing it though.

Desert Haze: 2 coats

Innocent... Not as innocent as it looks! Maybe it cheated on me... Why? Look at the pictures below this swatch.
From all the polishes this was the worst! The formula was kinda thin and at first it looked kinda sandy, but that wasn't the case. It applies streaky. This polish just seemed used.

Innocent: 3 coats

The bottle was kinda hard to open and this is what I saw!

This is Purple Pleaser and is lighter than Punk Purple. They have the same formula and you will also need 2 coats because of bald spots.

Purple Pleaser: 2 coats

Dark Glitter Purple. I wanted this one so bad, but is not as spectacular as it seemed. The glitter in this is better to see than in Dark Navy. On the picture it looks really blue, but is actually really purple. 2 coats are used for opacity.

Dark Glitter Purple: 2 coats

Overall, I can't really say bad stuff about these polishes. They're only €1/$1. If you see the quality that you get it's even better than you would expect for that price. The brushes are nice and thick although some of them have little hairs sticking out.

Do you have any ELF polishes and which one is your favorite? And from these swatches, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below :)

xoxo Ingie