Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 4 - A Polish That Is ''So Me'' [Hema - 91]

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For this one I didn't really know what to pick, so I picked this pink one from Hema. Hema polishes don't have names, but numbers and this is number 91. I don't really have a story why it's ''so me''. I bought this about a year ago at Hema at the train station and I loved it when I put it on.

I worked in a bookstore at the time and I wore this one so many times and every single time my friend/colleague was like; OMG, I can't find this one! It's so pretty!

I got her hooked on the polish and one time I came to work she was like; Look, I thought it was the same color, but it's not! She bought a Rimmel polish I believe :P I decided to buy her a bottle and she was so happy xD

In the picture I'm wearing 2 coats of this polish.

xoxo Ingie