Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Nails - Bloody Fingerprint

Hello! :)

Today I'll show you a simple nail art which I've been trying once before. Since Halloween is coming up I decided it would be cool to give you an idea if you're going out on Halloween :)

These first two pictures were done a few days ago. I didn't like it that much, because I tried so many times and failed all the time! It was getting frustrating, but now seeing the pictures again, I don't hate it that much :P

I used a white base, because that way you're able to see the red. On black it would not even be noticeable. For the red color I used City Siren from China Glaze, a nice bloody looking color. I got it a few days ago, but I used a lot of it the past few days :P

This last picture was done today. Actually an hour ago :P I just wanted to try it one more time! It's still not really how I wanted it to be, but still it's kinda cool. I especially like the one on my ring finger.

How to create this:
- Paint your nails in a base color, preferably white.
- Put some red nail polish on a piece of paper and dip your finger in it.
- Lightly dab some access off on the paper and then lightly dab it on your nail

Just practice a few times on paper :)

Thanks for reading again!

xoxo Ingie