Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My nails: Then & Now

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When I started my blog my nails were a disaster! I've heard about the Trind Perfect System a few times before, but didn't buy it because it is kinda pricey. I decided to buy it anyway, because I found that I needed it. And sure I did need it! Check out the pictures below to see how my nails are keeping up.

August 30 was when I started with the Perfect System. These are pictures before I applied anything from the Perfect System on my nails.
Right hand
Left hand
September 27 is after almost a month. You're supposed to treat your nails with the Perfect System everyday, but I have to admit; that's just impossible for me. Even though I didn't use it every day, my nails look a lot better! They're not peeling anymore.

Right hand

Left hand
Yesterday I took new pictures, now after the whole treatment and Trind Nail Brightener. I bought the Nail Brightener a few days ago because Trind products were buy 1 get 1 free.

The Perfect System is supposed to whiten your nails, but I did't really see it. The Nail Brightener does work!

Right hand
Left hand
Overall I'm happy I bought the Trind Perfect System! I hated that my nails peeled and my nails and nail polish just looked ugly. My nail polish addiction was not fun anymore. The day that I ordered the Perfect System I actually peeled off the whole top layer of my nail and my mom freaked out and said I had to stop with the nail polish for a while!

In the Netherlands you can buy the Trind Perfect System on trind.nl and boozyshop.nl and other Trind products just at Etos and ICI Paris.
If you're from any other country go to trind.com to find out if you can order these products :)

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Ingie