Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 7 - A Polish That I Wear Often [Miss Sporty - 360] [+ Pink Wednesday]

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Make it 'used to wear often'. Since my nail polish stash got bigger and bigger I wear so many different colors. But this used to be my favorite and I even have a back up of it. This is Miss Sporty Lasting Colour: 360.

I'm horrible at describing colors, but I would say this is a warm pale pink I guess :P Especially when you compare it with Something Sweet from China Glaze.

And excuse me for the white dry fingers... When I swatched this polish it was like 3 am or something :P I removed my old polish, with a remover without acetone, and it makes my fingers so dry. Next time I'll just use the one with acetone again.

Here is a comparison with Something Sweet. See how warm 360 looks next to Something Sweet? That's why I love it! :)

Do you have any Miss Sporty polishes? These are probably my favorite when it comes to applying nail polish :)

xoxo Ingie