Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Kitty with dots

I have no idea how to name this nail art :P

In my everyday life with nail polish I hardly try to do nail art, but I do wanna try and show it on my blog. That way I feel like a less boring blog with just my swatches :P

I was inspired by this picture :) I first tried this a few times with Sugar High as my base color, but it would get messy every single time! So I used Ahoy! from China Glaze as my base color and the pink dots, the white is Snow Motion from Catrice and the black is Black from Color Club.

The picture above shows an almost perfect pinky finger, but that's just fake :P I edited it a little in Photoshop. The picture below is what is really looked like. I did wait for like 30 minutes, if not longer, to apply my topcoat.

I love the kitty! She looks like she's cold and that's so cute for some reason! xD

Thanks for reading again :)

xoxo Ingie