Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 1 - My Favorite Nail Polish [Catrice - London's Weather Forecast]

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I was thinking; what is my favorite nail polish? Could be something pink, but I didn't want a pink one to be my favorite. After almost picking a pink polish as my favorite I remembered that another polish is my favorite! :O
Catrice - London's Weather Forecast! In October 2010 is when my nail polish addicted started and this was the first polish I picked when buying my first polishes. I've loved it ever since. And when my nail polish stash wasn't as ''big'' as it is now this was one I came back to a lot.

Since September London's Weather Forecast got discontinued and a new grey polish came into the collection; ASHley. I've heard it was similar to London's Weather Forecast.

ASHley, London's Weather Forecast, ASHley, London's Weather Forecast

No. Not the same. London's Weather Forecast is a dark grey polish with silver and a few red and blue shimmers. ASHley is a lighter creme grey polish. I like it, but I have another grey polish that I love better :P

In all pictures I'm wearing 2 coats of polish.

Well, I completed day 1 of this challenge and I am convinced I will end this challenge :P

xoxo Ingie