Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Untrieds Day 1: Essie - School Of Hard Rocks

Remember that day where I said I would totally finish that 30 days of polish challenge and blah blah blah... Obviously I failed... AGAIN! I feel like the weak one on here :P

Anyhow! I just found out that somebody started the 30 days of untrieds starting November 1st. I think I'm allowed to be in it :P I was actually getting some polishes together before I knew about this, but I'm far away from 30 polishes... But who says I'm not buying new stuff?

This is my first Essie! :) I got it from Nory and I applied it for the first time yesterday. And Oh-Em-Gee! I LOVED the application. Not ever I had a nail polish apply like this, maybe I have but I don't remember.

One coat was enough. Nothing more was needed. The color is lovely and I can't wait to get more Essie's. Not that every polish from a brand will be so amazing, but I'm just still flying high here.

So yeah, a little Fairy Dust felt on my nails and it was looking lovely :)

I have no idea yet if I'm actually 'allowed' in this challenge thing, because I only spoke to one of the girls in this challenge who said it was okay. So if this post disappears, I wasn't allowed to be in it :P

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xoxo Ingie