Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Untrieds Day 22: Hema - Nailpolish 08

When I woke up today I was in a sad mood. I don't know why, but I felt so depressed. I was like; now I have to write for my blog tonight and I don't feel like it anymore. I want to quit this blog. I don't want to do this and that. I have no idea what that was. Later the doorbell rang and me and my brother escaped to our rooms, because we thought it was our neighbour... :P It was the postman! With, a package for me with nail polish! I got them from Iris in a swap. Later I thought to myself; was that depressing mood because I hardly bought any polish this month? And then I have nothing to show you?
Sad, but maybe the truth xD I also lost my Konad scraper a few weeks ago, so I still can't show stamping stuff. I'm convinced that when I order a new scraper I will find the old one xD

Anyway... Today I wore Hema's 08 nail polish and I love it! This blue polish is so gorgeous! It's not a royal blue, but close to it. It's more pretty than a royal blue in my opinion xD

And look what happened to my nail yesterday... My nails keep breaking, even though I think I take good care of it. But my job is really killing my nails, so I have to accept it xD

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xoxo Ingie