Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pink Wednesday; Swap Swatches

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A few weeks ago I did a swap with Iris from PolishAmor. Thank the lord she got the package, so a weight fell off my shoulders :P Like seriously, when I see these programs on TV where they check packages at the airport I'm scared they will do it to my package too. Since I'm still not really sure if it's legal to send nail polish... :P

Anywho.. She got me some pink polishes too. I don't have the box with polishes close to me at the moment, so I can't tell if these were the only three xD

This first one is Sinful Colors - Folly. This picture isn't really color accurate, but I can tell you it's gorgeous!

When I wrapped this second one open I was like; my mom is gonna love this bottle. My mom came into the room, looked at the polishes I already opened and she was like; Ooh, I like that bottle!
I didn't say anything :P This is Naby in the color (I believe) Rose. I never heard of this brand before, but it is a really nice polish! And of course the color is gorgeous too! I wore this one for like 3 days.

This third one is Wet 'N Wild's Tickled Pink. I don't really know why this one was on my witslist. I have a few pinks like this already. Still I like this kind of pink!

Which of these 3 is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! :)

xoxo Ingie