Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Haul - September 7th


I'm really excited for this post, because I bought a lot today! :) I went to the drugstore where I can find both Essence and Catrice and I was ready to buy whatever I wanted! xD

That's all I bought today. Yes, other stuff than nail polish is in the picture too, but who cares? :P In total I came home with 17 nail polishes! That's probably the biggest amount I ever bought in one time.

5 new Catrice polishes. These are from the new collection that came in this month. I actually wanted to go for Jade Is Not My Name, but in my excitement I forgot about that one. I'm not sure it was even there though, because some spots were just empty. All Catrice polishes were €2,49 ($3,51) each :)

From left to right:
- 550: Marilyn & Me
- 580: Blues Brother Vol. II
- 610: ASHley
- 630: Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah!
- 140: Let's Mauve On!

Don't you just love these names? Catrice already had Let's Mauve On! but I guess they wanted to change that one a little. I happen to have the other version of Let's Mauve On! too, so maybe I'll compare those soon :)

Essence Colour & Go polishes. I only own 5, but today I added 7 more. These were €1,29 ($1,82) each. I believe you can get these polishes in America as well at Ulta for only $ 0,99!

From left to right:
78: Blue Addicted
67: Make It Golden
72: Time For Romance
70: Nude It!
63: Think Pink
76: Hard To Resist
38: Choose Me!

I believe only the last one isn't from the new collection. Not all bottles have the 'new' sticker on it.

Gosh! This is my first Gosh polish. It was in this make-up thingy with all the stuff that is discontinued. The reason why I don't own Gosh polishes is because I find them pretty expensive. I believe like 7 euro's ($9,87)! I got it for €2,40 so that's an amazing deal! This is from a limited edition called Special Edition and this is the color Neon Baby.

I showed you a Essence crackle top coat a while ago and now I added 2 others. I think the blue one is actually new! I thought it was black until I had it in my hands and saw it was blue. That went in my basket! :P
The silver one is called Crack Me! Silver and the blue one Crack Me! Blue. How original... They should've done something fun with that. These were €1,79 ($2,52) each.

These polishes were actually in my basket first. They are not even in the make-up section :P They are just somewhere between the soap and tampons :P I've never had anything of this brand and all the stuff looked like it was for 10 year olds, but when I saw these were metallic I thought I could give it a shot!
The brand is Casuelle and the colors don't have names, but I can forgive them xD These we're €1,39 ($1,96) each.

These are all the polishes that I got. I will show them soon! :) Thanks for reading!

xoxo Ingie